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WenX AI Trading Bot

A trading bot that trades Bitcoin while you sleep.

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What is Quantitative Trading?

Quantitative trading: Refers to investors using computer technology, financial engineering modeling, and other means to define and describe their own financial operations in a clear way to assist investors in making investment decisions, and strictly follow the set. The rules to implement the trading strategy (buy, sell) trading method.

According to the concept of mathematical models and the use of computer technology, quantitative trading methods can be further subdivided into Automatic Trading, Quantitative Investment, Program Trading, Algorithm Trading, and High-Frequency Trading.

The basic concept of quantitative trading is four words: buy low and sell high! The basic idea is easy to understand, but the most difficult thing is to judge when to buy and when to sell? However, the human operation of about 3 seconds to trade a single order is far inferior to the trading strategy of our WenX AI Trading Bot.

Service Groups


Lack of trading experience

Lack of technical analysis, lack of trading strategy.

Lack of awareness of risk control.


No time to keep track of market

The Crypto market has no closed mechanism.

No time and energy to keep track of the market.


Seek professional management

Seek safe and reliable asset custody service.

Strengthen returns and weaken risks.


Balance financial investment

Idle assets seek 'after-sleep income'.

Seek reliable value-added products.




Easy to understand how to use, simple way to monitor the cryptocurrency trading.



Key information at a glance, operation log open and transparent.


Safe & Reliable

Automated trading algorithms fueled by artificial intelligence.


Professional Trading

The professional level quantitative asset management team will settle in and the transaction will be handed over to a more professional person.


Risk Control

Strictly implement risk control.


Product Diversify

Rich product types meet the asset management needs of all types of users.

Risk Disclaimer:

AI Trading Bot of all projects by WenX via third-party quantitative information technology team to provide service, WenX only as a platform provide programs display, risk monitoring and other related services, WenX doesn't provide any guarantee, express or implied trading strategy. All of quantitative project user need to be equipped with the appropriate risk recognition and risk tolerance.